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What You Need To Know About Dental X-ray Attachments

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This 50 minute recorded presentation has been created to help dental insurance billers understand x ray attachments. It has been specifically designed for people with little or no clinical experience to better recognize which x rays and other documents are necessary when submitting insurance claims.

Realize, it is not the biller's responsibility to interpret  or diagnose the patient's x rays. It is however, their responsibility to pick the best image and supporting information that represents what is being billed to the insurance company. This presentation will give you the necessary understanding of this process.




Screen Cast Details

The screen cast is divided into three parts. Each video runs for 13 – 18 minutes and can be paused or replayed as needed. The resource section allows you to print PDF handouts of the slides and also contains an extensive Insurance Terms Glossary from our online billing course.

System Requirements

High speed Internet access necessary with modern Web browsers such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Speakers are required along with access to a printer.

There are no processor/RAM/screen resolution requirements, since we run primarily in the cloud on Amazon servers. There is no software to install.


Online enrollment is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Payment is due at the time of enrollment through the safety and convenience of PayPal. Refunds are not available after you have begun the screen cast..


To start the process, click on "Purchase" If you are a new user, please create an account.

After payment, when you return to our site, you are automatically enrolled and ready to start the screen cast at any time.

Instructor Credentials

Rebecca Gerber is owner and lead instructor of Academy of Dental Practice Careers. She has been an RDA since 1992, and worked in dentistry for over 35 years. She has been involved as a Practice Administrator in private practices, corporate practices, and specialty practices in San Diego County.  For the last 17 years she has been a Practice Management Consultant ,Trainer , and owner of Office Management Services and Academy of Dental Practice Careers.

Corporate Office

Academy of Dental Practice Careers, Inc. 1711 N Jantzen Ave Portland OR 97217   760-518-2608

Here is the course outline:

Part 1

This part covers some of the basic fundamentals of what to attach as backup documentation when submitting a dental insurance claim. It will also review different types of x-rays, their codes, and how they are used. Lastly, we will review examples of poor quality x-rays.

Part Two

In this section we will review common dental procedures and their accompanying x-rays. We will also learn when x-rays, narratives, or other documentation need to be included with an insurance claim.

Part Three

In this section you will learn about software bridges, including how they interact with the billing software. Then you will be guided through the attachment process in 4 popular management systems. In the conclusion, we will review some of the information we covered.

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